Milestone and Vision


The preparatory office of Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute (TTFRI), National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL), was approved to be established by the National Science Council (NSC) on Jan. 1st 2007. On Dec. 7th of the same year, the NARL Board of Directors and Supervisors reached a consensus about the official name of the institute, so called TTFRI. Successively, on May 16th 2008, the NSC called a meeting to discuss the proposal for the newly establishment of the TTFRI, claiming that, to clarify the vision and the mission statements of the TTFRI would be the premise of the official establishment. Eventually, on Apr. 19th 2011, the NSC approved the establishment of the TTFRI. The unveiling ceremony was accordingly held in the Taichung headquarters on Aug. 17th.


Typhoon is the most serious natural hazard in Taiwan, which often caused serious disasters and life losses. To mitigate the disasters, we need to facilitate typhoon and flood researches. TTFRI is established to improve the key technologies for the observation, analysis, simulation and forecast of typhoon and flood, and to enhance the interdisciplinary hydro-meteorology researches. In addition, an advanced forecast system will be set up to help improve the prediction for the national meteorological and hydrological services and the national disaster reduction operation

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